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2 / 5
Nothing. Wasnt satisfied ended up checking out after one night and was supposed to stay 4.

5 / 5
Everything was perfect.

3 / 5
WARNING! WORST A&O HOTEL EVER. I made a reservation for a previously purchased voucher. As there were no double rooms available in the booking system, I booked a family room. However, I informed that I would not need such a room and, if possible, asked to be converted to a double room. Do you think someone answered me? I have submitted my residence preferences: a room on the upper floors, in a quiet location, away from the elevator, not in the sun. Only the latter was fulfilled, perhaps by accident. I was given a room on the lowest level, above the exit of the building, overlooking the dumpster, next to the playground, in the hall with an exit to the stairs, which crackled with a bang again and again. Equipment is known sparse, but cleanliness was poor. Long hair everywhere. Dirt in the nooks and crannies. It was enough to raise the mattress. In addition, the stench from the toilet and the noise of flushing water from the levels above. Terrible. But before that, contact with the reception desk during check-in. I have not seen any bigger haos before. Nobody knows anything and has no control over anything. Difficulty communicating in English. I had to wait for the room to get ready as it wasn't ready. I reminded that I do not need a family room and that I only need a double room. I asked is there another that can be assigned to me? A shrug. But in the meantime other people received their room keys, although their rooms were also allegedly not ready and check in was possible from 3 pm. Not only that, to get the key, you had to queue again, behind the people who were just waiting to check in. Really. I don't recommend choosing this place. This is the worst A&O hotel property I've ever been to. It is a waste of time and health.

3 / 5
Window could open fully in the dorm room. Space in the dorm room was sufficient.

4 / 5
Amenities in the hotel and the staff.
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