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Student discount - students save with a&o

Traveling is not a luxury!

If you are a student, you may be familiar with this: The semester is over, you are done with your exams, the term papers have been handed in. Now you finally have some spare time for yourself. Time to do things you don't have time for otherwise - for example traveling. ... Unfortunately there is this little problem, that you know all too well as a student: Money is always tight!

Still no need to sit around on your vacation

a&o in cooperation with Student Beans make it possible - traveling as a basic right for everybody. Don't let your finances stop you from traveling to your dream destinations - the time to see the world is now. Sign up for Student Beans and get 10% off your next reservation at an a&o hotel of your choice.

Here's how it works....

Step 1 – Registration

Are you already registered with Student Beans? Then all you have to do is search for a&o hostels in the provider overview and request your personal discount code (see step 2).

You are not registered yet? Then go to, click on “Register” and fill out the form including your email address and password. IMPORTANT: You must indicate your (expected) year of graduation. This is used to determine if you are still a student.

After you have completed the registration, you will receive an e-mail with your registration confirmation and your personal access data, which you only need to confirm. Congratulations! You are now a freshly-minted Student Beans member and can receive discounts at various partner vendors on the Student Beans portal.

Step 2 – Get the discount code

Use the search function on the Student Beans portal to find the a&o offer. There you will find the "Code Generator" button. Click it to generate a discount code that you can redeem directly online at

Step 3 – Pack your bags!

... see you at an a&o of your choice!