Quick and easy: Check in while being on the move, up to 24 hours before arrival. All you need is your smartphone and the a&o App. Get the app for Android or iOS now. New: Door opening with our app in Prague Rhea, Venice, Bremen, Frankfurt and in Wolfgang's managed by a&o.

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Self Check-in Kiosk

Don’t waste your time at the reception queue! You can check in yourself on site with our Self Check-in Kiosk. Available at Bremen and Hamburg City.

Web Check-in

Check in from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours before arrival. Here, you can check in with your booking number and e-mail address.


Check-in at the reception

Check-in at our reception is possible at any time. Your room is ready for you at 3 p.m. All you need is your ID document.

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