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Our newly opened a&o Warsaw Wola is the perfect starting point for discovering the capital’s beautiful castles, parks, cultural attractions, restaurants, and cafés, not forgetting all the other amazing sights and sounds Warsaw has to offer. Book your accommodation with a&o Hostels and enjoy our all-you-can-eat breakfast, central location, and best-price guarantee.

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Many discoveries await you on a trip to this history-steeped city. The birthplace of physicist and chemist Marie Curie and composer Frédéric Chopin has been the capital of Poland since 1595. Situated on the banks of the Vistula, Warsaw has always been a major trading centre in Central and Eastern Europe, where important events in Polish culture, economics, and politics have played out over the centuries. Under the Saxon rule of August II and August III for parts of the 18th century, Warsaw still features relics from this bygone Saxon age, such as the Saxon Palace, the Brühl Palace, and the Saxon Garden situated in the Saxon Axis. The subsequent onset of the Polish Enlightenment in the mid-18th century saw the emergence of Warsaw opera landmarks such as the Grand Theatre and the Łazienki Complex. Those travelling to Warsaw should also pay a visit to the Sejm, where the first modern European constitution was adopted in 1791!

Voyage of discovery in Warsaw – experience cultural variety

Warsaw's rich variety of architecture, art, literature, history, and politics is something to behold! The Polish capital reflects the influences of many countries thanks to its allegiance to various kingdoms during times of war and the four partitions that the nation experienced in recent centuries. While Sigismund III Vasa reigned as King of Sweden and Poland-Lithuania in the early 17th century, Warsaw was chosen as his royal residence. Remnants from the Wasa era include, for example, the Royal Castle, the Jesuit and Dominican churches, Sigismund's Column, Gianotti Palace, and Ujazdowski Castle. Construction of the Wilanow Palace, which takes its inspiration from the Palace of Versailles in France, commenced in the late 17th century. This was complemented by buildings such as the Krasiński Palace, the Capuchin Church, and the Carmelite Church stemming from the period of rule of John Sobieski.

The subsequent Saxon age brought even more prestige to the city with the emergence of the Warsaw opera, the Collegium Nobilium – precursor to the University of Warsaw –, and the Blue Palace. Following this period, classicism then left its mark in Warsaw, a prominent example of which includes the Łazienki Complex with its various castles and park areas. The historical upheavals in Poland were generally very tough as shown by the various memorials and cultural sites, such as the Warsaw Rising Museum, which hark back to those dark times of Jewish persecution (Warsaw Ghetto) under Nazi Germany. Imposing buildings like the Palace of Culture and Science, its 237-metre structure leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, were constructed in the 1950s.

In addition to all the museums, castles, and parks from a bygone age, today Warsaw’s Old Town is also a great place for shopping or enjoying a nice cup of coffee – all in a cosy atmosphere. Our a&o Warsaw Wola, located to the west of the city centre in the modern district of Wola, welcomes you as a guest in its new design. Close to all the sights and sounds, a room in our a&o Hostel and Hostel Warsaw Wola, situated in the heart of the city, is the perfect accommodation for your visit to Poland’s capital – book now!

Our a&o Hostel in Warsaw: Your accommodation with breath-taking flair

The a&o Hostel in Warsaw is close to the main train station and therefore boasts excellent rail connections, meaning that the sights of this city of culture are just a few minutes’ walk from your accommodation. You can enjoy high levels of comfort at a very low price in the modern rooms our building has to offer. All rooms have their own bath with shower and toilet. You can relax at the bar or in the cosy seating areas in the lobby after a long day’s exploring and make plans for the rest of your trip. Our friendly staff at our 24-hour reception are happy to assist with any questions you might have. There you can also get a free city map and some useful tips – just ask! You can reach all of your favourite spots in and around Warsaw in the blink of an eye by bus, rail, or car.

Accommodation in Warsaw: Ideal for backpackers and school groups

Our a&o Hostel in Warsaw is the perfect place for backpackers to embark on their adventures: Its central location and low prices give visitors financial flexibility and close proximity to all the sights and sounds in the area. With washing facilities and luggage rooms, a guest kitchen and safe, and various other services, it is also a great option for single travellers, school groups, families, and business people looking to explore Warsaw. Make the most of the hostel’s excellent location in Warsaw’s inner city and experience the cultural wealth of the city yourself!

a&o Hostel room categories: Single room or multi-bed room with comfort

Travelling also means meeting new people: Staying in a multi-bed room at our hostel gives you the chance to meet new people and maybe make new friends, with whom you might even explore the city together. Families have plenty of space in our large multi-bed rooms; the rooms with two connecting rooms and comfortable beds are a particularly good option for larger families. For backpackers and individual travellers, who might prefer our single-room category, we also have low prices offering a comfortable standard of accommodation. Regardless of whether you choose a single or multi-bed room, you are welcome to use our guest kitchen, recreation rooms, free Wi-Fi, table football and pool table, and much more.

a&o Hostel – affordable like a youth hostel

Travelling needn’t be expensive – choose an a&o Hostel in Warsaw’s city centre and put yourself right in the middle of the action. Booking with us means that you’ll have more money to spend on creating amazing memories. And you don’t have to miss out on comfort either! A room at our hostels costs as much as a stay at a youth hostel and for that you get international flair, comfort, and all the information and services you need for a successful trip. Book your low-budget room with a&o if you’re planning a trip to Warsaw and make your holiday as individual and flexible as you like – all with a&o’s best-price guarantee of course!