Bike vacation - Tour all over Germany with a&o

Going for a ride on the weekend? A bike tour in the countryside for a day? That's no longer enough for many cycling enthusiasts. They spend an entire vacation in the saddle. Biketourism is becoming more and more popular. In 2021, a total of 3.9 million Germans took a cycling trip with at least three overnight stays.

Here are a few reasons to take a bike trip vacation:

  • Fresh air and the great outdoors: Whether it is nature or a great view - you are enjoying it first hand.
  • Explore the countryside: You'll discover places along the way that you wouldn't have discovered traveling by bus, train or car.
  • For the sake of the environment: Seriously, it doesn’t get any more eco-friendly and CO2-neutral than riding a bike to get from a to b.
  • Flexibility on the road: You want to see what's off the beaten track, go cross-country and just follow your own path - get on your bike!
  • Fit as a fiddle. If you're using a bike as a means of travel, you're definitely doing something for your own fitness.

Of course, as a hostel business whose majority of guests maintain an active lifestyle and who, on top of that, is committed to reducing the global carbon footprint, we find the concept of bike vacations extremely appealing. For this reason, we also wholeheartedly support the "Bett+Bike" (bed+bike) initiative of the ADFC and have started to certify our accommodations to the "Bett+Bike" standard with an additional quality award.

What is "Bett + Bike"?

“Bett + Bike" is a register for bicycle-friendly travel and vacation accommodations created by the “Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club ADFC" (German Cyclists' Association). This register lists hotels, hostels, campsites and other travel accommodations that have been certified as particularly suitable for travelers and guests with bicycles according to the criteria defined by the ADFC.

Accommodations that operate under the "Bett + Bike" label in accordance with ADFC and are therefore declared “bike friendly hotels” meet the following 7 criteria:

  1. Hosting bicycle guests for the night
  2. Lockable room to store bicycles for the night
  3. Room for drying clothes and equipment
  4. a full breakfast offering
  5. Information on the regional tourist offer for cycling tourists
  6. Provision of a basic repair kit
  7. Contact with a bicycle repair shop in case of need

… but wait, there’s more!

In addition, a&o offers additional services in its certified hotels, which are of course available to all our guests, but which should especially benefit our cycling vacationers.

  • We are happy to offer our guests advice on how to make their arrival and departure as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • The access to the WLAN networks of our houses is open to all our guests free of charge - this of course includes our biking holidaymakers.
  • We offer the possibility to have packed lunches provided as travel provisions in all of our houses.

Our Bike+ offer:

For those who can't part with their faithful vehicle even after a full day in the saddle, they can also take their bike to their room for an additional charge.

... so the bottom line is that if you choose one of our "Bed+Bike" establishments, you will not only get the "Bed+Bike" services, but ADDITIONALLY extras on top, which will help to make your cycling vacation an unforgettable experience.