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5 / 5
Room Cleanliness

3 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5

4 / 5
Modern furnishings

5 / 5
Definitely the quality of the facilities and their cleanliness for a cheap price

3 / 5
This was the worst experience I've ever had with a hotel. I am a very frequent traveller, have stayed in lots of places and have never seen anything like this. On the check out day, my partner and I left our backpacks at the luggage storage room (which the hotel is providing as a service, it is officially mentioned at's website and it is a locked room by the way). The same afternoon we went to take back our belongings and my backpack was gone... This is the first time in my life that my bag is stolen from the luggage storage room of a hotel which is supposed to be safe and guarded by hotel staff. Even though the room is indeed locked at all times, once you ask for your luggage to be stored, a member of your staff opens the door and lets you inside the room to leave your stuff on your own without even checking what you might be doing inside the room. Along similar lines, when you are coming back to take your belongings, they let you inside the room and you can take whatever you want basically because NOONE is checking. Normally in hotels, a member of staff takes your luggage and does not let you in the storage room at all. So whoever has stolen my backpack was having access to that room because YOU let him inside, unsupervised and did not check at all if the person is stealing... Basically, I am really sorry to say that you are completely irresponsible and incompetent. Apart from this, the guy at the reception was unwilling to help me and did not even try to call the police to help me with the case, even though it was definitely his responsibility (or in general the hotel's responsibility to keep my belongings safe. When I asked him what am I supposed to do he just shrugged. Thanks to one of my friends who speaks German I managed to report this to the police and they will investigate it. This place is unsafe for travellers...Literally I could not believe in my eyes, when I saw that my backpack was missing from the storage room which you advertised as a provided service at all booking websites. The worst part was that my passport was inside my backpack. Fortunately I had my ID and could travel. I am really sorry also by the fact that when I sent you an email with the incident you did not even bother replying to apologise...