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a&ois known for its unconventional and innovative style, and our staff contribute significantly to this approach. a&o is a team player, but every employee has an important role to play. We are determined to foster a spirit of fairness, social equality and responsibility. These aspects should be evident to our guests as well as our staff. After all, working together is a lot more fun – and also more successful. 

Developed during a world trip as the fixed idea of offering travellers an inexpensive place to stay at a central location, the A&O hostels and hotels now make up Europe's largest independent hostel chain and have put down roots in many countries, among them Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Our a&os offer guests multi-bed rooms (hostel section) and 2**, certified hotel rooms (hotel section). They are open to anyone – and everyone is welcome! 

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