a&o female dorms: Shared rooms for women at a&o hostels

Travelling solo as a woman

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Being independent and discovering the world as a solo traveller is a matter of course for many women and enough reason to go travelling alone. The advantages of travelling without a travel companion are evident: For one, there’s the freedom to do anything you want and try things you’ve always wanted to try without having to compromise. What’s more, the sense of pride you get when you come home knowing you’ve done something entirely under your own steam is simply invaluable. Embark on your own unique journey and assert your independence! a&o is your ideal partner for affordable accommodation in many German and European cities – with the a&o best price guarantee of course!

Women & dorm rooms: Staying safe overnight

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Staying in mixed dorms is generally not an issue for women. Those who want to take extra precautions will find dorms or shared rooms especially for women at many a&o hostels. The female-only space means women can feel at ease and relax quicker. Depending on how safe you feel, you can decide whether you want to stay in a mixed dorm or whether you would prefer a female dorm. If the latter is the case, we would advise checking with the hostel beforehand, even if female dorm rooms or shared rooms are a standard feature at many of our hostels these days.

a&o female dorms: Our advantages for female solo travellers at a glance

  • affordable female-only dorm rooms with the a&o best price guarantee
  • safe accommodation with other women
  • guest kitchens for preparing your own food
  • full board if required
  • washing machines for clean laundry
  • trained staff & 24-hour service
  • night security to enforce curfew
  • tips for excursions from staff


How a&o wants to make accommodation safer for solo female travellers

At a&o, we do our best to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible. As a hostel with hotel standards, we have various room categories to choose from. This also means you have the option of booking female-only dorm rooms at a&o. They’re easy to recognise through the yellow icon on the top left corner of the room photo. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms, so there aren’t any awkward encounters when taking care of your daily personal hygiene. And our security service as well as our night watchmen are there to ensure your safety in the later hours as well.

Book your stay as a solo female traveller in one of our hostels and feel at ease from the start of your journey!

Night watch and security service: Safe accommodation for solo travellers

Our comfortable accommodation and our many other services, such as security personnel and night watchmen, guarantee a relaxed and comfortable stay at a&o. Our night watchmen ensure that the curfew between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am is respected and are on hand if you need help. At a&o hostels, you can sleep easy!

Women’s hotel & women’s hostel

To address security concerns of female travellers, a&o provides women-only rooms for solo female travellers and groups of women. This gives women the option of keeping to themselves. At a&o, you’ll always have a choice between female or mixed dorms.

Women-only dorm at a&o Amsterdam

Our a&o hostel Amsterdam Zuidoost offers contemporary dorm rooms with a shower and toilet, lockable cupboards, and in some instances a TV. Relax in the Dutch capital after a tiring journey and plan your trip activities! And who knows, you might make friends with some of our other guests!

Women’s dorm at a&o Berlin

Our hostels in Berlin offer accommodation in comfortable dorm rooms with up to 7 other women at very affordable rates with the a&o best price guarantee! Choose a female-only dorm at one of our four hostels in the German capital and enjoy the benefits of travelling solo!

Das Frauenzimmer im a&o Hostel Hamburg

Are you planning to visit the Hanseatic city on a solo trip or with your girlfriends? And are you after a girls-only environment? Book your accommodation in our women-only dorm rooms, available at all three of our Hamburger hostels An en-suite shower and toilet, lockable cupboards, and free high-speed Wi-Fi mean you get comfort and hotel standards at an affordable price – leaving more to spend on shopping, culture, and other activities in Hamburg.

Our female dorm at a&o hostels in Munich

The Bavarian capital isn’t just about the Oktoberfest – a broad cultural offer, business travel, and many great events such as concerts, trade fairs, shows, and much more draw people from all over the world to Munich. If you’re a woman travelling alone and prefer female-only company when it comes to accommodation, then the female dorms at our hostels in Munich are the perfect solution. Our dorm rooms for women allow you to be amongst yourselves. And the best thing is, at a&o you don’t pay extra, you always get the a&o best price guarantee!


If you have any questions about our female-only dorms or if you need help making a booking, just get in touch! We’re happy to help!

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