What we have already achieved for the environment

Since 2006, a&o has been working on the sustainable and careful use of our resources. An excerpt of our measures:

Environmental protection is also in your hands!
Help us with your suggestions and ideas for improvement:
at aohostels.com/green or use the hashtag #everyonecanchange

5x more environmentally friendly compared to other budget hotels

- Only 5.9 kg CO2 per overnight stay

This means that a&o is already 75% below the consumption of other hotels. Our goal: to be CO2-neutral in 2025.

- 75%

Saving water in our hostel

We save water

Since 2006, a&o has been using water-saving shower heads. This allowed 150,000,000 litres water to be saved. This is equivalent to about one million filled bathtubs.

- 150.000.000 l

Dual flush toilet

10 litres of water saved per flush which saves about 20-30 litres a day per guest.

Our approach to waste management

Significantly less chemistry

Since 2007, a&o uses biodegradable cleaning agents.

Pests have been ecologically controlled at a&o, since 2019. For example, we use dogs to detect pests.

“There are always flowers for those...

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