a&o is Europe's greenest hostel chain!

Together with our suppliers, employees and also our guests, we have been working for many years to be sustainable and careful with the resources we use. All our hotels are GreenSign certified. Already now, a&o consumes only 5.9 kg CO2 per overnight stay and is thus already 75% below the consumption shown by other hotels.

Our goal is to be the first European hostel chain to be CO2 net zero by 2025. Net zero means reducing our own ecological footprint to a minimum and offsetting the rest.

Here is an excerpt of the measures we are already implementing today for our environment and a better future:

5x more environmentally friendly compared to other budget hotels

- Only 5.9 kg CO2 per overnight stay

This means that a&o is already 75% below the consumption of other hotels. Our goal: CO2 net zero by 2025.

- 75%

Saving water in our hostel

We save water

Since 2006, a&o has been using water-saving shower heads. This allowed 150,000,000 litres water to be saved. This is equivalent to about one million filled bathtubs.

- 150.000.000 l

Dual flush toilet

10 litres of water saved per flush which saves about 20-30 litres a day per guest.

Our approach to waste management
Significantly less chemistry

Since 2007, a&o uses biodegradable cleaning agents.

Pests have been ecologically controlled at a&o, since 2019. For example, we use dogs to detect pests.

“There are always flowers for those...

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