A&O partners with iWTX/illusions for global connectivity to B2B trade partners

A&O and iWTX finalise a two-way integration between A&O and iWTX. A&O’s entire hotel product portfolio will be available as a supplier to the global B2B distribution network of iWTX.

"With iWTX, we have found a strategic technology partner, which connects us particularly to our B2B trade partners. In addition, we are simplifying the very successful collaboration with DERTOUR and ITS, who are already integrated with iWTX- and can finally connect real-time with other major tour operators as we have successfully done with our OTA partners. And all this with minimal effort", says Oliver Winter, General Manager of A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS.

IWTX acts both as a marketplace and distributor between seller (A&O) and buyer (tour operators & travel agents) and enables cloud-based changes in content and rates in real-time depending on the country, region, time zone and customer.

“We are thrilled to have A&O as part of our supplier network in iWTX. With our global reach to major tour operators around the world, A&O can get both their product feed & bookings, real-time with the trade partner’s core booking systems”, says Faisal Memon, Founder & CEO of Illusions Online & iWTX.

“We have made huge investments in the last 2 years to have seamless integration with the complex cache structures required by tour operators in Germany as well as providing a real-time API connectivity to product prices, availability, content and bookings for the other markets. With one single technical integration, our buyers get access to a global marketplace content comprising of DMCs and direct hotels. Oliver is a visionary and we look forward to working closely with him and his team to a very successful relationship between A&O and iWTX”, concluded Memon.

The term is currently set at one year with a flexible extension. New interface partners are activated at any time on the A&O request. In addition to China, the A&O Group is currently expanding its sales network in the UK; Southern Europe and Scandinavia.

Interested readers can find further information athttp://www.iwtx.com