Exclusive partnership: a&o Hostels the first German company to be integrated into the Italian booking system by Kreosoft

•    Integration of a&o into the Italian Kuo Vadis/4Guest booking software
•    13 travel operators with direct access to 35 accommodations across Europe
•    Convenient integration via a software update

Berlin – “With our integration into their booking software, Kreosoft is opening the doors wide to the Italian market,” explains CMO Phillip Winter. “This is a very important step for a&o Hostels, and we’re delighted by their trust.” Currently, 13 travel operators in Italy work with the Kuo Vadis/4Guest booking software by the Italian software experts at Kreosoft.

“The integration of a&o Hostels into our booking software offers great strategic value to our customers,” explains Davide Petrini of Kreosoft. “They are given real-time access to the availabilities and prices of 35 accommodations throughout Europe – and there’s great demand.”

Headquartered in San Marino, the B2B specialist has been developing software solutions for the tourism industry, among others, since 2002. The Kuo Vadis/4Guest booking software is specially geared towards Italian travel operators and agencies with a focus on group travel, including trips for schools, clubs, communities, and associations. Moreover, individual travellers can use a cloud solution.

A software update will integrate a&o Hostels into the solution; an additional mobile app for iOS and Android provides a digital information and document platform for the journey. The software has been developed for Italian travel operators and comprises incoming as well as outgoing offers.