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Bitcoins for room cards

A&O will be the first hotel chain to offer Bitcoin as a payment option

A&O will now be the first-ever hotel chain to offer its guests the option of paying for their booked 
hotel rooms online by Bitcoin at  
"The digital currency Bitcoin is one of the most important payment innovations of recent years. We 
are therefore very proud of being the first hotel provider to offer this payment option to our 
customers" says a delighted Oliver Winter, CEO of the A&O Group. "Bitcoin as a payment method 
is an important step in making the booking and payment process even more convenient. True to 
our motto: There are no complications here with us at A&O - from booking to check-out", adds 
And this is how it works! 
The guest selects the payment method "bitpay" if they wish to pay over using 
Bitcoin. The customer then receives a QR code or, optionally, a corresponding link. They can then 
make the payment using their digital Bitcoin wallet. Based on the current exchange rate 
(September 2017), 50 euros for a single room corresponds to approx. 0.015 Bitcoins.   
The data base system of the so-called blockchain forms the technological basis of digital currencies 
such as Bitcoin. "The blockchains are decentrally organized and can therefore contribute to the 
improved security of transactions, e.g. within our booking system, compared to centralised 
systems. We are currently working very intensively with this technology and introducing payment 
via Bitcoins is the first step in this direction for us", emphasizes the Head of A&O, Winter.  
Bitcoins expand our range of existing payment methods at, which includes credit 
card, Paypal, Amazon Pay, instant transfer, direct debit, iDeal and Grouppay. Overall, more than 
half of A&O bookings are made online and above all directly via