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Sustainability at A&OEspecially nowadays sustainability in tourism is an important aspect influencing the future development of tourism to a great extent. We think it is right and important that the debate about sustainability of tourism comes more and more into public spotlight and want to contribute our part in improving sustainability.

A&O Hotels and Hostels is a family company that literally lives the value of "responsibility" embedding this principle very high in its own hierarchy of values. We are aware of the responsibility we have towards our guests, partners and employees. We respectfully carry this responsibility.

For this reason, we consider all three pillars of sustainability in our strategic direction and operations of our business!



Wirtschaftliche Stabilität der AO Hotels and HostelsWe have managed our growth through our own funds and resources, and are not dependent on loans from banks. The profits flow back directly into the company allowing new openings, new job offers and modernisations to our existing buildings.

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Klimafreundliches Handeln zusammen mit AO-GästenWe obtain our power entirely from green electricity (PCC) and have checked all houses for their CO2 emissions.  We are extremely proud that our CO2 average is only 8.96 kg CO2 / night. This value is three times lower than in other two and three star hotels - the average being around 26 kg CO2 / night. We are the first German hostel chain that has done such an emission check!

• For more information on our CO2 footprint here.
• Our climate protection initiative for young groups can be found (in German) at co2mpass.viabono.de



Mitarbeiterförderung und Azubi-Übernahme bei AO Hotels and HostelsWe know how important good employees are, which is why personnel development is an important part of our corporate philosophy. Thanks to our continuous growth, we have the chance to further employ and train almost all of our apprentices after they have passed their exam. In addition, our employees are covered by a special staff retention system directly involving them in the success of the company.

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