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A&O Sponsoring

Here you will find out everything about A&O's social commitment in the sports and youth sector and the kind of small and big projects and events the hostel chain strongly supports.


Team des SK Sturm Graz

A&O supports sportive achievements!
•   Cooperation partner of SK Sturm Graz
•   Supporters' Club of Berlin Ice Hockey Team "Eisbären"
•   Support of Girl's Under 17 Teans of 1st FC Union Berlin

Social commitment

AO Family Day with SOS Children's Villages

A&O gets social and supportive!
•   Funding of SOS-Children's Villages
•   Internships and donations to SOS Vocational Training Centre Berlin Moabit
•   Overnight stays for artists of "Berlin lacht" & Carneval of Cultures


Preisverleihung des 1. Platzes beim Bundesschüler-Contest

A&O funds education-based projects!
•   Energy saving champion competition
•   Federal student company contest
•   School's Geographic day in Nuremberg
•   Film festival Global Learning "Junge Normale" in Austria

A&O Partner

Kooperationen mit Partnern von AO

Great campaigns with A&O partners!
•    Online advent calendar with ARC Europe (ADAC) 
•    Contest with Austrian Rail (ÖAMTC)
•    Raffle with German Rail (Deutsche Bahn)
•    USA contest "Win A Trip to Germany" with AirBerlin


Sponsoring für Kinder und Familien

Super support for Kids and families!
•    Kids & familiy festival on Trave Square
•    Soho Festival, the art- and suburb projekt, of Vienna
•    holiday quiz of the Nature Historic Museum Berlin

Young people

Sponsoring-Kooperationen für junge Leute

Cool specials for teens and students!
•    Mitfahrgelegenheit.de +Tobis / cinema release of "Moonrise Kingdom"
•    Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund
•    Urban Dance Festival in Munich
•    Counterstrike campaign with GameOne

Social commitment

A&O Hotels and Hostels is a company based in Berlin, which is why it is always a great pleasure for us to support projects in and around Berlin! For A&O, it is very important to be socially engaged and to help disadvantaged people in supporting them. Furthermore, we make it our interest to see how the individual projects have developed and what was made possible by means of our financial support.

One of our most beautiful projects that we support since 2004 is the SOS Children's Village Foundation, particularly the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Berlin / Moabit.

These young people also have the possibility to get a first insight into working life by doing an internship at A&O, proving themselves and thereby acquiring a job.