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a&o Youth Hostels in Weimar

Are you planning a trip to Weimar and still looking for low-cost accommodation for a school, group, or family trip? The a&o youth hostel in Weimar offers the perfect blend of community spirit and comfort right in the centre of this historic city – and all for a low price! Make use of the many a&o benefits and stay with us during your school trip, family or group holiday, or as a backpacker – naturally, with our a&o Best Price Guarantee and without a mandatory membership! You can book various types of rooms including family rooms, single rooms, double rooms, four-bed rooms, and several shared rooms, all of which are equipped with comfortable beds, showers, washbasins and a WC. The friendly staff at our 24-hour reception will be happy to help you if you need assistance during your stay in Weimar. Our Weimar youth hostel is just a 10-minute walk from Weimar’s main train station. The city centre is a mere stone’s throw from the centrally located hostel. The ideal starting point to trace Weimar's history and culture for yourself.

Our Youth Hostel in Weimar

a&o Weimar
9 €   from / night
single-/double room 17 €
dorm rooms 9 €
1 km from city centre
Comfortable accommodations near the Weimar Central Station and a day of sightseeing are rounded out in the hotel's own garden! Free Wi-Fi!
24h service Bus parking Bicycle hire Hotel bar Meetings Parking Tickets Wi-Fi / Internet

a&o Weimar
single-/double room 17 €
dorm rooms 9 €
1 km from city centre
Comfortable accommodations near the Weimar Central Station and a day of sightseeing are rounded out in the hotel's own garden! Free Wi-Fi!
24h service Bus parking Bicycle hire Hotel bar Meetings Parking Tickets Wi-Fi / Internet

Weimar highlights

  • Ginkgo Museum, Liszt’s House & Nietzsche Archive
  • Goethe’s home & Schiller Museum
  • Marketplace, town hall & Cranach House
  • Rococo Hall of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library
  • Park on the Ilm and Goethe's garden house
  • Bauhaus Museum and University

Benefits of a&o youth hostels

  • Top location
  • Low prices
  • Consistent quality
  • Community spirit
  • Free WiFi
  • All-you-can-eat breakfast

The city of Weimar occupies an important place in German history. The first German republic was founded here; intellectuals such as Herder, Goethe, Schiller, and Wieland were responsible for the movement known as Weimar Classicism, leaving the city with a valuable legacy. Moreover, Weimar, along with Dessau, is one of the birthplaces of the Bauhaus, with the Bauhaus University located here. Franz Liszt, Friedrich Nietzsche, Wassily Kandinsky, and the art patron Harry Graf Kessler further contributed to the particular renown of this city in beautiful Thuringia. Why not visit sights such as the UNESCO Museum at the birthplace of the Bauhaus, Goethe's residence, the Schiller Museum, the Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler near Goetheplatz, the Buchenwald Memorial on Ettersberg hill, or the impressive Anna Amalia Library? Shopping in Weimar is also a great pastime, as the city enchants with green oases, beautiful streets, and historic houses. Just book your stay at the a&o Weimar youth hostel and let the beautiful city of Weimar captivate you!

Stay at a&o youth hostels with no membership: the flexible way to discover Weimar

Unlike the youth hostels operated by the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH), you don’t need to be a member to stay at our a&o youth hostels. With a&o, you only pay for your overnight stay and any extra services you might use, such as one of our activity programmes. Our a&o Weimar youth hostel, located very close to the city centre, has everything you need for a pleasant overnight stay during your school trap, family getaway, backpacker travels, or group excursion. It is important to us that quiet hours are observed from 10 pm to 6 am, so that you can enjoy a restful sleep. In our youth hostels, you can also do your laundry, host meetings or conferences, use the guest kitchen, or purchase tickets for even more exciting activities. Relax and let go of the stress of travelling in the modern rooms with comfortable beds at our a&o youth hostel in Weimar and, after you wake up rested and refreshed, head out on a day full of activities. The a&o Weimar offers you different types of modern bedrooms, as well as conference rooms for working and rental bikes for active city tours on two wheels. The hotel has a spacious orchard with hammocks and various seating areas. The large terrace with beer tent furniture is best enjoyed with a freshly tapped draught beer. Children will love the sandpit, slide, swing, and basketball hoop at the a&o Weimar. Book your stay at the a&o Weimar youth hostel and explore Weimar's attractions!

Excursions in and around Weimar: activity programmes for school trips and family holidays

The success of any group, school, or family trips stands or falls by proper planning of leisure activities. We’ll proudly present our activity programmes to you in more detail. When you’re not queuing up for activities away from base, we have table football, billiards, and a book exchange shelf to keep you entertained. You can relax in our a&o Lounge and watch some Sky Premium TV or browse the web using the free high-speed Internet; kids can enjoy that play corner and spacious outdoor area. If you and you school class or group need a larger space, just use the meeting rooms at our a&o Weimar youth hostel. We invite our guests to drop by the hotel bar and relax in the evening with a refreshing drink to see the day to an end.

We’ve got all your catering needs covered as well: our youth hostels offer an extensive breakfast buffet in the mornings for 7 euros; children up to 6 years old get breakfast free of charge, from age 7 and up it is half price, and young adults aged 18 years and over pay the full price. For groups of 10 or more, we also offer dinner (by arrangement). If required, we can prepare packed lunches for you for 6 euros (there is a 50 cent discount for groups of 10 or more). These include a sandwich, fruit, confectionery bar, and a drink. Our snack bar is always there if you're feeling peckish in between meals.

Please let us know how we can assist you in planning your stay at a&o Weimar youth hostel. Are you interested in our activity programmes or looking for recommendations for excursions to theme parks, zoos or museums, bike tours, some information on transport connections, highlights in the city centre, or anything else? We’re happy to help! Book you stay in Weimar now with the a&o Best Price Guarantee!

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