The A&O cities in the company’s own „INHOUSE magazine"

Early on we have recognized that we want to provide our guests with useful and worthwhile tips for your city trip. For the past 7 years we have offered our free, bilingual INHOUSE magazine to anyone who sets a foot in our door.

Packed with great ideas to enrich your holiday with culinary, cultural or simply original delights.

Now it must be said that at the time when A&O started mobile phones were only about to become into fashion, so of course, we didn’t even think of the web-based Big Bang with lap top, tablets or smart phones.

Yet, we still remain faithful to our magazine in order to leave the fun for those who hang on to paper or love the mix of both.

We have tested it ourselves and secretly caught all guests with internet affinity browsing through our INHOUSE magazine – in search of the next A&O travel inspiration in one of our other houses or simply to check the best options for a night on the town. 

But see for yourself: Exclusively for you, we have uploaded all the issues neatly arranged – for you to read and for a thrill of anticipation.

We welcome any suggestions about our magazine and are happy to hear your personal guest story. Our marketing team will help you further:

All free INHOUSE magazine issues since 2008 can be downloaded here:

INHOUSE Magazine
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