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ARC discount for a&o guests

12% ARC discount on your A&O overnight stayAre you an ARC member?

The a&o hotels and hostels are so centrally and conveniently located that they can easily reached by car. That's why we have arranged a particularly appealing cooperation with ARC Europe, the European Automobile Club that not only makes safe driving possible but also affordable overnight stays at special conditions. 

a&o and ARC Europe (ADAC, AA, ACA, etc.)

Save 12% in all a&o HOTELS and HOSTELS

All members of Automobile Clubs bearing the “Show your Card!” logo on their membership cards get 12% discount off the a&o fix- or flex-rate.

How it works:

Reservations must be made in advance by booking online or calling our central reservation office.

Telephone bookings:

You can contact our service centre round the clock via +49 (0)30 80947 5110. Please have the name of your club and your membership number ready and state it to our colleagues.


You will be required to present your club membership card upon check in.

Please note that reservations must be made in advance. The "Show Your Card!" discount can’t be redeemed for walk-ins. To use the discount online you have to enter your membership number in the discount slot. The discount is for single travelers only and can not be granted on group bookings.

To book online, please choose your club. Then continue with your booking and shortly before the payment is done, confirm the discount code by clicking on "enter code" again. 12 percent are automatically deducted from your shopping cart.

List of countries with an automobile club

Pick your member club:        

  • AA Ireland
  • ACI (Italy)
  • ACR (Romania)
  • ACL (Luxembourg)
  • AMSM (Macedonia)
  • ANWB (Netherlands)
  • EAK (Estonia)
  • FIB (Iceland)
  • KNAC (Netherlands)
  • LAS (Lithuania)
  • MEMSI (Israel)
  • NAF (Norway)
  • RACE (Spain)
  • Touring (Belgium)
  • BIHAMK (Bosnia-Herz.)
  • ACA+ (France)
  • PZM (Poland)
  • RAMC (Russia)
  • ASA (Slowakia)
  • ACB (Bolivia)
  • ACCHI (Chile)
  • ACD (Dominican Repub.)
  • JAA (Jamaica)
  • AAA (USA)
  • NRMA (Australia-NSW)
  • RACQ (Australia-QLD)
  • RACV (Australia-VIC)
  • HKAA (Hong Kong)
  • AASI (India-South)
  • WIAA (India-West)
  • NZAA (New Zealand)
  • AAS (Singapore)
  • AAC (Sri Lanka)
  • AA UK
  • ACO (Portugal)
  • ADAC (Germany)
  • AL (Finland)
  • AMZS (Slovenia)
  • BKA (Belarus)
  • FDM (Denmark)
  • HAK (Croatia)
  • LAMB (Latvia)
  • MAK (Hungary)
  • M (Sweden)
  • OEAMTC (Austria)
  • TCS (Switzerland)
  • UAMK (Czech Republic)
  • UAB (Bulgaria)
  • RMF (Malta)
  • AMSS (Serbia)
  • ACA /(Argentina)
  • CAA (Canada)
  • ACC (Colombia)
  • ACES (El Salvador)
  • AMA (Mexico)
  • TACV (Venezuela)
  • AANT (Australia-NT)
  • RACT (Australia-Tasmania)
  • RACWA (Australia-WA)
  • AAEI (India-East)
  • AAUI (India-Upper)
  • JAF (Japan)
  • AAP (Philippines)
  • KAA (South Korea)
  • AASA (South Africa)
  • RAAT (Thailand)