Entertainment – the „tain“ in edYOUtain!

No more stress - chill at A&OHaving fun together at A&O!

Shared experiences make a hundred times happier than being alone in the most beautiful place in the world. Every traveller has probably made this experience before.

That is why, at A&O, we do everything for a great sense of community!

Community rooms and party cellar!

Those who love real hostel feeling are in good hands in our lounges, community areas or bars! The A&O Lobby barSports fans regularly cheer for their international teams in front of our lobby TV’s, the others enjoy their evening with a beer or cocktail and backpackers and students play a match of table soccer together. In many A&O's you also find driving simulators or ping-pong tables. The A&O's in Hamburg even offer air hockey and party rooms, the A&O Berlin Friedrichshain again tops that with an outdoor barbecue area and volleyball net!  

Social media!

You might as well use social media to keep yourselves informed. We answer all questions, post exciting contests and keep our guests up-to-date on the A&O universe: on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest!

Fun for kids at A&O kid's cornerChildren play for free!

In addition to entertainment for adults, the little ones have their own kids' corner with a lot of toys, children's reading material and A&O clolouring booklets. The play corners are always placed in a way parents have their kids in sight, mostly in the lobby and breakfast area. A&O Berlin Mitte even has a Family Lounge! 

The ideas keep flowing so guests can look forward to the future with even more great edYOUtain inspirations!



Education bei A&O

– The word "ed" in edYOUtain!



Entertainment bei A&O

– The word "tain" in edYOUtain!


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