a&o Hostels und Hotels Expansion


The a&o group expands into the most important and attractive tourist destinations. We welcome inquiries for hotel and hostel projects throughout Europe. A list of interesting locations can be found below.

New openings at a&o

The a&o group opens at least 2-3 new properties each year. A current overview can be found here.

Key Investment Criteria

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, our strong preference has become the freehold acquisition of existing hotels and hostels. Lease deals are still accepted, while developments and greenfield projects carried out by a&o are not considered anymore.

Type of deals:

  • Hotel and hostel takeovers
  • Turn-key projects for strategic locations

Location and size:

  • Secondary locations with excellent connections to the city center through public transport (train, tube, bus). In general, up to 15min away from city center is acceptable
  • 3,000 to 10,000 sqm NIA, equivalent to 80-250 keys depending on location and market

Target geographic markets

For more detailed information, please check a&o Company Overview (PDF) and a&o IHIF Presentation (PDF)