Education – the „ed“ in edYOUtain!

Playful and natural learning!

Worksheets, thick history books and school desk learning were so ‘yesterday’! Education can be fun!

CO2 Calculator

A&O is exceptionally proud of the specially developed CO2 calculator for group travel. If the issues of climate change, environmental protection and CO2 emissions are a matter of debate among students, they can now calculate how much CO2 they produce on a class trip based on a score in traffic light colours.

From theory to practice - in this case, the class can decide together how environmentally and climate friendly it wants to be!

Book Swap Library | Surfing the A&O Web | Free A&O App

Bookworms can dive into new worlds in our A&O library and technically adept people can surf our A&O web and get information using our A&O app.

Free city-information booklet: INHOUSE magazine

Those who like flipping through city guides anyway, we would like to heartily recommend our INHOUSE magazine to. In addition to tips for the perfect city break, there is useful information riddled with the best highlights of every A&O city.

Common cooking sessions

Our guest kitchens are perfect to meet new people and to cook dishes with new friends from around the world. For groups, of course, it is just as perfect to try cooking regional cuisine from the respective city itself. At A&O Nuremberg a sports club recently cooked a proper meal with Nuremberg sausages and sauerkraut. Very yummy!

A&O sponsors projects, which you can visit!

When we talk about education that also means to be open to sponsoring social and sporting projects. This is why we support the Vocational Training Centre of the SOS Children’s Village Foundation in Berlin/Moabit since 2004. Besides, we play host to regular cooking evenings with the KinderOase Family Centre and also support sport teams wherever we can, such as the Under 17’s Girls Soccer Club 1st FC Union and the Berlin ice hockey team ‘Eisbären’.

We are pleased that our education offerings steadily grow and that new and - above all things - practical ones keep coming! We love intellectual nourishment in a way appreciated by young people!



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