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The climate check with A&O's CO2 calculator


A&O's CO2 calculator for study groups


A&O wants to contribute to environmentally friendly travel by giving school classes and teachers the opportunity to calculate and compare their own carbon footprint with the Co2mpass.

That is why in September 2011, we developed an own web-based tool in which you can fill in your travel components based on different aspects to measure your ecological footprint as well as to find environmentally-conscious alternatives!

We want to promote awareness of self-contained, climate-conscious behavior and thereby act as a motivator, not as a "party pooper".


The winners of this year's contest:

  • 1st Place: "Eco Friends" - Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajewo) - Third Grammar School
  • 2nd Place: "Whirly" - Germany -  Integrated School Stade
  • 3rd Place: "Climate rescue" - Germany - Goethe Middle School

How about your carbon footprint?

Have a go with our  CO2 calculator and check out your climate impact!

Download the flyer right here: CO2 information

We are setting a good example!

The past years A&O has instructed an independent institution called Viabono to check all our buildings on their CO2 emissions. This CO2 emission check allows a measurement of the climate impact on human activities. The average level of CO2 emissions of all A&O hostels is 8.96kg CO2/ overnight stay. This value in fact corresponds to the climate efficiency class B in the categories youth accommodations, being 3 times lower than in other two and three star hotels. The average value is 26 kg CO2/ overnight stay. We can achieve this climate friendly value by means of our simple and functional facilities plus our optimal use of space.

Click here to see two of our certified buildings: A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn and A&O Wien Stadthalle


See how the co2mpass works

In order to calculate your classes' CO2 emissons the following information is needed:

1. Accommodation in an A&O hostel
A&O hostels have their own carbon footprint

2. Mobility on arrival and departure
Bus, train, airplane, bicycle, etc.

3. Aktivities on site
The choice of activities is shown like traffic light symbols (green/ yellow/red)

4. Catering
Warm/ cold food, beverages, if organic or vegetarian, etc.

5. Number of travellers

6. Duration
The result is presented directly after having filled in every form and can be positively or negatively influenced by exchanging activities, the choice of your meals or transportation. The evaluation of your CO2 emissions are shown in a practical traffic light colour scheme with no need for difficult numbers.