Staying at a&o Hostels with dogs and other pets

If you have a dog or another pet, you may find yourself asking the same question before every journey: “Are pets allowed in the hotel?”

At a&o, you do not have to say goodbye to your loved one or leave them with your neighbours, because a&o hotels are pet and dog friendly! You can bring your pets with you to our properties! We can offer you and a maximum of two dogs or pets a single or double room for a small fee of 60 zł per night, per animal.

Pet and dog friendly hotels

At a&o, you and your animal companions are welcome:

Stay in comfortable rooms, discover new places, and spend your holiday in the loyal company of your dog, cat, parrot or hamster! Gone are the holidays when you are left worried and separated from your pet! At a&o lodgings, we have a feel-good package for guests with and without pets!

Tips for staying at hotels with dogs and other pets

To make your stay at our a&o hostels and low-cost hotels as pleasant as possible, we have included a few tips for your holiday with your dog or other pet:

“Travel-friendly animals”

You can bring up to two of your animal companions to the a&o hotel of your choice. However, if your dog is too large, or if your pet is too exotic, we will probably have to pass – out of consideration for our other guests. We may let a lot of animals and their owners stay with us, but some (small) guests might be frightened by an overly large animal. If you are unsure about your pet, our service staff will be happy to advise you!

Feed dogs etc. in your room or outdoors

We kindly ask that you feed your pets at a safe distance from our breakfast areas – we know how tempting a plate of sausages can be for some animals! Therefore, we recommend feeding your dog or pet either in your room or outside in the fresh air. Your animal companion will also appreciate it.

Book a single or double room

It is best to book a single or double room for your stay with your dog etc. That way, you can avoid making allergy sufferers, for example, feeling disadvantaged in a multi-bed dormitory – we ask for mutual consideration from our guests – including those with pets!

Travelling with dogs: local specifics at the hotel

An overnight stay at one of our a&o hotels is generally possible without restrictions for travellers with pets. With a&o, you and your dog can stay in comfortable, modern rooms with our best price guarantee!

Depending on the destination, there may be different rules for how you can get around the city with your dog: In some places, dogs have to wear a muzzle, while other places are more dog-friendly.

Below, we have put together some information for holidays with dogs at our most popular travel destinations.

“Holiday with your dog in Amsterdam”

Good news! A holiday with your dog in Amsterdam is no problem at all! The Dutch are not just friendly towards fellow humans, but also towards our four-legged friends! Dogs can even be taken on canal boat and tram rides – provided that they behave properly, of course. If you are unsure, it is advisable to put a leash on your dog and ask first whether you can go into places with your dog.

Our tip: In the lovely Vondelpark – the second-largest park in Amsterdam, you can give your loyal four-legged companion the exercise it needs. But watch out! This park is popular amongst dog owners, so there will be many other dogs there (often without a leash).

“With your dog in Berlin”

If you want to travel to Berlin, there is a variety of places for your dog to get enough exercise. On this page, you will find a good overview of where you can find places to walk dogs in Berlin.

If you would rather enjoy urban life on the streets and in public squares, you should observe the mandatory use of leashes. For dangerous dog breeds, it is also mandatory to wear a muzzle. On local public transport and at train stations, dogs must be kept on a leash, and for so-called attack dogs, it is mandatory as well to wear a muzzle. All the details are provided in Berlin’s dog law.

If you are travelling on Berlin’s local public transport with a large dog, you have to purchase a reduced-price ticket for your large four-legged companion. Further helpful information about “dogs in Berlin” can be found on the website of the City of Berlin.

“Leashes mandatory for dogs in Hamburg”

Anybody who is travelling to Hamburg must pack a leash! Leashes are generally mandatory in the Hanseatic city, and this rule only ceases to apply in cases of exemption. If you are only visiting, many of the dog laws issued in Hamburg will not concern you. However, dangerous dog breeds must be kept on a leash, even in dog-walking zones. Dogs for which a certificate of obedience can be presented can walk without a leash in marked green spaces, too. All the important information about dog-walking areas in Hamburg has been compiled in a brochure, and put on the official homepage of the Hanseatic city to download. More important information about handling dogs and holidays with dogs in Hamburg is also available on the city website.

“Holiday with your dog in Prague”

Prague is a wonderful city that draws in many visitors all year round.

A holiday with your dog in Prague can mean stress, because the streets in the inner city are narrow and crowded. You also have to pack a leash. According to EU regulations, for private travel with a maximum of five dogs, an EU pet passport has to be carried as well. In addition, your dog must be clearly identifiable by microchip (transponder), and it must be up-to-date with its rabies vaccinations before the journey. You will find more important information about your trip to the Czech Republic with dogs, on this Website.

“Holiday with your dog in Venice, Italy”

For a holiday with your dog in Italy, the EU-Regulations also apply: Before you set off on your journey, your dog must be vaccinated against rabies and have a microchip, so that it can be easily identified within the EU. Furthermore, you are allowed to take a maximum of five dogs with you on private journeys to other European countries. You should pack a muzzle and leash in any case. On public transport, including gondolas and ferries, a muzzle is compulsory for your four-legged friend.

It may not sound particularly dog-friendly at first, but travelling to Venice with your dog also has its benefits: In the “Floating City”, dogs are pampered like hardly anywhere else, and dressed outlandishly. Passage on the water bus is also free for dogs, just like journeys by water taxi, as long as they are not overly large. They can even enter a supermarket on a leash. Leashes may be mandatory, but because people in Venice are used to dogs, people do not always take this rule entirely seriously.