Pets at A&OHouse pets are always welcome at all A&O locations!

Which dog lover doesn’t find himself in this positon from time to time: the long-awaited vacation has finally arrived but the little darling has to stay at home or at the neighbours’ house?
In our hostels your pet gets the attention it deserves! You can therefore take maximum 2 dogs with you in a single or double room for a small fee of just 5 € per night and animal.

The feel-good factor for you and your companion is guaranteed: Thanks to A&O you have the chance to travel Germany and parts of Europe not only cheaply and centrally but also dog friendly allowing your pet to explore these new places with you!

Here are a few tips for dog owners before you head off to your trip:

  • It’s best to book a single or double room as there might be guests who feel disturbed
  • Try to feed your doggy in your room or outside – the breakfast room and especially the sausage plate is just too tempting!
  • Try to bring your ’travel friendliest‘ animal: large dogs or even exotic animals might scare our little guests or even the grown-ups.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions regarding your pets, we’re happy to help: Our contact form