The ao Social Media Traveller 2019

Tatiana Biggi

Tatiana Biggi, italian soul that leaves a place of herself wherever she goes. I love travelling, writing, taking way too much photos, eating pizza, going vintage shopping, drinking aperitivo with friends, looking at the sunsets and getting emotional about that. Located everywhere my heart takes me. Always connected 24/7, since 2011.

Liz Biella

Ciao, hola, hello! Let me introduce Myself: my name is Lisa (but everyone calls me Liz), passionate about photography and traveller since ever. I have travelled across over 30 countries (and have knocked some big adventures off my bucket list) but the more I see, the more I crave! We are all searching the meaning of life, and we often find it by discovering our true self. My light in the dark was traveling: the feeling of wonder that takes me exploring unknown places, meeting new cultures totally different from mine, admiring the beauty of nature. And my purpose? Explore, know and respect the world, and help others to do the same. Because everyone can and must travel the world.

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