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Conferences in Prague


A&O as conference venues in Prague


Our modern A&O Metro Strizkov is centrally located near the modern metro station Strizkov and is perfect for your conference. Hold a meeting and stay overnight in the metropolis at reasonable prices in a central location. All function rooms are equipped with modern technology, which can be booked on request.

Conference rooms in Prague
A&O Prag Metro Strizkov - Děčínská 1 - CZ-180 00 Prag
Room information Capacity per arrangement Price

Conference room



U shape




less than 4h

more than 4h
Dvořák 47 m² 30 20 15 20 50 39,- EUR 49,- EUR
Kafka 53 m² 30 20 15 20 50 39,- EUR 49,- EUR



Conferences and events at A&O:

  • A&O Prag Lobbybar für die KaffeepausenConference rooms for meetings, lectures or your event
  • Mix and match of equipment according to your wishes (e.g. screen, projector, flipcharts including consumables and much more)
  • Catering opportunity throughout the whole event (snacks, breakfast, drinks and much more)
  • Rooms can be rented also for non-overnight guests
  • A&O conference room in PragueRental service includes rent, basic cleaning and seating according to your wishes
  • Wi-Fi in the meeting rooms / the rooms / in public areas
  • A&O bar for a relaxing end to your event
  • Best value for money


For more information or inquiries feel free to talk to us.
You can reach us anytime at tagungen@aohostels.com or simply call +49 30 80 947 - 5110 (Berlin local call or national call from German landlines). We are happy to welcome you as our guests and organiser of your conference with us!

Our gift to you!
If you are a guest of our hotel, the rental price for the conference room is reduced by 5 EUR for each booked hotel room.