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Graz - the "City of Design" in Styria

The green city on the river Mur in the culinary spoiled Southeast of Austria is a true gem. Showered with awards, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the title "City of Design" as being one of the most creative and architecturally valuable world cities, the pearl of Styria outshines Vienna with its charming old town. From the stunning as well as physically challenging Schlossberg (literally ‘castle mountain’) with its clock tower (now landmark) to a laid-back stroll on Lendplatz market – whatever it may be: Graz fascinates with its charm! Those who want to take a detour to Graz Kunsthaus, lovingly titled "friendly alien" by its architect, should also take a ride by bike along the river because the view of Mur Island is a visual highlight! Do we need to enthuse about Graz even further? Visit the A&O hostel Graz yourself and drift away in the University City with its many winding alleyways and gardens...