Click through a&o’s wide-ranging catering options. We make stays more enjoyable for you thanks to the worry-free advanced catering options. This means that you can relax and enjoy the city - let us take care of the rest.

a&o places a great deal of importance on varied and healthy products. We are proud to be as open as possible when it comes to presenting our current menu range from breakfast through to dinner (for groups).

We also always offer a vegan/vegetarian, allergy-friendly or religious-minded alternative for the vast majority of our dishes.


  • Substantial All-you-can-eat breakfast buffet
  • Breakfast times:
    Mon to Fri

    7:00 – 11:00 a.m.

    Sat, Sun & Holyday 7:00 – 11:00 a.m.
  • Breakfast prices:
    Adults from 8.90€ (online from only 8.65 €)
    Children from 7 years from 4.50€
    Children up to 6 years free
  • Breakfast selection:
    Bread Multi-seed rolls, white rolls, crispbread, wholemeal bread, toast
    Drinks Milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple juice, orange juice, peach ice tea, sparkling/still water
    Sweet spreads Strawberry, raspberry, apricot, cherry, nougat cream, honey
    Fruits/vegetables Apples, bananas, seasonal fruit (oranges, kiwis etc.), iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers
    Cold cuts Turkey salami, turkey breast, rolled fillet of ham, gouda, emmental
    Sundries Fruit yoghurt, natural yoghurt, herb quark, pasta salad, eggs, margarine, butter, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, croutons

It’s no problem at all if you aren’t quite sure whether you would like to include breakfast at the time of booking. We are flexible and you can also decide spontaneously by simply letting reception know in good time.

Breakfast is already included in the price for group bookings of 10 people or more.

Lunch / dinner (grill)

  • Lunch and dinner are offered in virtually all a&o's for groups of 10 people or more.
  • Exceptions a&o Hamburg Hammer Kirche, a&o Cologne Dom, a&o Cologne Hauptbahnhof, a&o Munich Hauptbahnhof
    The meals offer a lot of variation and consist of: - a healthy salad buffet with dressings,
    - a substantial main course (always with a vegetarian option),
    - a sweet dessert and
    - cold alcohol-free drinks (e.g. ice tea).
    Price from 9€ per Person
    Dinner times 5:30 – 8 p.m. (possible to arrange a time outside these hours)
    Planning aid Download the latest dinner schedules (valid for all a&o locations)
    Important note Please inform a&o of your preferred meal time(s).
    Summer time is grill time! - Popular choice for groups as an alternative to the dinner menu
    - Product examples: neck of pork, grilled sausage, marinated turkey breast, halloumi cheese, poultry or vegan sausage, accompanied by various dips, salads and bread rolls

Packed lunch

  • - Packed lunches are bookable online from 6,90 € per person
  • - Groups of 10 people or more receive a 50 cent discount
  • - Can also be pre-ordered 1 day in advance from the hotel’s reception
  • - Groups book this directly with the room booking
  • - Packed lunches can also be made gluten or lactose free on request
  • Contents of the packed lunch:
    • A Filled sandwich (double sliced with different fillings: gouda-tomato (vegetarian), herb quark-cheddar (vegetarian), salami-cheese, ham and cheese, chicken breast with tomato or chicken curry)
    • 0.5 l Carat Naturell still water
    • An Apple
    • A Hanuta chocolate

Drinks & bar snacks

  • - 24/7 snack service at the hotel bar for when you’re feeling peckish
  • - Self-service coffee machine and drinks fridge
  • - Various soft drinks, juices and hot drinks
  • - Beers and local speciality beers
  • - Cocktail menu and spirits
  • - Tasty pizzas, sandwiches and muffins
  • - Bits and pieces to go, including M&Ms, chewing gum and trail mixes
  • You can download the entire menu here.

For conference guests

  • Catering options are available during your booked conference.
  • Bookable conference room snacks Royal Dansk butter cookies, nut-toffee tray bake, chocolate and forest fruits tray bake, apple-crumble tray bake, shortbread, gluten-free magdalenas, apples, bananas, Hanuta chocolate, Saltletts Snack Mix
    Drinks Mineral water (still/sparkling), apple spritzer, Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Schwip Schwap, Jever Fun
    Alcoholic drinks Heineken, regional specialities
    Hot drinks Coffee/tea in the room
  • Large special events receive a specialized portfolio with an extensive selection of sweet snacks and hearty finger food.
  • Lunch and dinner can also be booked for the event.
  • Find out more about our conferences here.

Guest kitchens

  • Your cost-efficient self-catering
  • Each kitchen comes with the following basic utensils Fridge and stove(s), saucepans, frying pans, cutting boards, plates and cutlery, spices, ladles, spatulas
  • These a&o's have their own guest kitchens
    • a&o Aachen Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost
    • a&o Berlin Friedrichshain
    • a&o Berlin Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Berlin Mitte
    • a&o Berlin Kolumbus
    • a&o Bremen Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Budapest City
    • a&o Copenhagen Nørrebro
    • a&o Copenhagen Sydhavn
    • a&o Graz Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Frankfurt Galluswarte
    • a&o Frankfurt Ostend
    • a&o Hamburg City
    • a&o Edinburgh City
    • a&o Cologne Neumarkt
    • a&o Leipzig Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Munich Hackerbrücke
    • a&o Munich Laim
    • a&o Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Prague Metro Strizkov
    • a&o Prag Rhea
    • a&o Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Salzburg Wolfgang's - managed by a&o
    • a&o Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof
    • a&o Venice Mestre
    • a&o Venice Mestre 2
    • a&o Warschau
    • a&o Weimar
    • a&o Vienna Stadthalle
    • a&o Vienna Hauptbahnhof