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School groups at A&O enjoy special advantages. We support you on your journey and want to make your time in our A&O Hotels and Hostels with security even more enjoyable. All services are offered completely complementary.

  • Safety measures

  • Overnight security watch

  • Color-Coded Bracelets (for breakfast and bar)

  • External Quality Seal

Room- and Hotel-Security

Our rooms have built-in security measures allowing them to only tilt open, only wide enough so that students‘ safety is not an issue.

Smoking is even 99% preventable in the guest rooms due to a large optical- and thermal-smoke detector.

The outdoor areas including terraces remain locked between 10 pm and 6 am. This guarantees that strangers are kept off the premises. Additional security is maintained by video cameras.

We strive to help teachers sleep soundly knowing their students are safe.

Overnight security watch

During your group stay, we provide overnight security beginning at 10 pm. We can ensure that all students – even with several groups at once - get their well-deserved sleep and wake up fit to start the day!

If you need assistance in the evening, our staff is available at the reception 24 hours a day.

Colour-Coded Bar Bracelets

We pay careful attention to minors when it comes to alcohol consumption and curfews. Group supervisors can determine what is allowed for the students in their group. This is done by giving each student an armband according to the following guidelines, which will allow the bartender to recognize the students’ age limitations.

  • White - Only soft drinks, no alcohol.
  • Orange - Only beer and wine allowed.
  • Blue - Spirits allowed.

At check-in, you’ll be asked which color bracelets you want for your group, and this information will be entered into your teacher info folder. 
These bracelets also allow your students access to the breakfast room.

External Quality Seal

So that you and your chaperones, as well as the parents back home, don’t have to worry about what quality standards your group will encounter on their travels, we are proud to display the independently awarded following labels for impeccable standards:

Folgende Siegel hat a&o erhalten:
  • 4-star QMJ certification for all a&o establishments
  • Enterprise-wide TÜV certification according to the Youth Hostel Quality Standard
  • Youth travel quality seal by Reisenetz Youth Travel in Germany
  • TREUGAST Solutions Group double-A rating for the third year running

Detailed information about all certificates and awards you see here.