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Useful Information

Useful Information

Before you leave on your trip, there is so much to plan and to know in advance. Let us help you by preparing the following things to make this task just a little easier:

  • Travel Catalogue

  • Tourist Tax & Exemption

  • Cancellation Terms & Saving Tips

  • House Rules and Terms

Travel Catalogue

Since planning travel for the next school trip begins anew each year, we would be delighted to welcome you again in one of our locations in the coming years. Our standards for teachers and students are the same in each of our locations and while remaining unmistakably unique!

You can ask for a travel catalogue to be sent to you through the mail free of charge by going to [email protected] or you can view it online here.

Tourist tax & how to avoid it as a group

In some a&o cities, there is a so-called cultural tax, also called tourist tax, for tourists.

Information regarding the tourist tax

  • Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Graz, Hamburg, Salzburg, Weimar 

The capital city of Berlin has a "tourist tax" or guest tax of 5% per day and per person added to the room accommodation rate (VAT charged in addition to the rate). The same applies to Amsterdam

In the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, there is the cultural and tourism tax, which is paid by each guest. The tax is measured by the net cost, which is paid per person for an overnight stay.

In Graz overnight guests pay a tourism tax of EUR 1.50 per day. Salzburg charges the same for every guest except students until the age of 15 years.

In Weimar a cultural tax is charged. The current rate is up to 2 Euros per person per night.

Groups traveling with an educational purpose and guests with professional travel backgrounds are exempted from this tax (except in Amsterdam, Graz).

To receive this excemption, free download forms can be found in our FAQ area. Please fill them out prior to your arrival.

Cancellation Terms & Saving Tips

If you need to cancel your class trip or other serious reasons exist, the following cancellation terms apply:

Groups of 10* or more persons:

- until 4 weeks prior to arrival dat free of charge.
- until 2 weeks prior arrival date 50% of the agreed total price.
- until 8 days prior to arrival date 75% of the agreed total price.
- from the 7th day prior to arrival 90% of the agreed total price.

Groups of 20* or more persons:

- until 8 weeks prior to arrival date free of charge
- until 4 weeks prior arrival date 50% of the agreed total price.
- until 8 days prior to arrival 75% of the agreed total price.
- from the 7th day prior to arrival, 90% of the agreed total price.

*Please refer to the maximum number of persons in the booking process. For large groups other cancellation conditions may apply according to the booking contract


If the planned trip has to be cancelled due to pandemic restrictions, the booked services can be cancelled free of charge. This agreement is valid for all stays until the end of 2021. Partial cancellations, e.g. if some people of the group are sick, are free of charge until the day of arrival, as long as at least 10 people will check in. Furthermore we provide complimentary quarantine rooms , depending on availability.

Of course, a&o offers all kinds of money-saving tips with which can help you design your class trip even more economically.

1)    Book online at You will get the best group rate by booking directly with us. Other organizations may add extra charges for your trip.

2)    All You Can Eat-Breakfast Buffet is always included for groups.

3)    Sunday nights cost 25% less than the rest of the week.

4)    Meeting rooms are available for short daily meetings free of charge for groups. Teachers and their companions have a Special Guest Status. See:  Exclusive benefits for school groups

5)    The low season carries particular savings. Consider whether a trip in January-February or November-December is a possibility for you. It’s worth it: Less waiting times for attractions, great winter cultural programs and more availability in the category of your choice!

House Rules and Terms

Usually on the day of check-in, the students have the house rules explained to them. Naturally, we’d like to give you the opportunity to inform your students – at best when they are all together, in the bus or train on the way to the hotel.

Attached you will find the link to our GTC as PDF files:

In the House Rules, you’ll find the most important points on the following subjects:
-    Smoking
-    Quiet hours
-    Alcohol
-    Pets
-    Damage to Property
-    Harassment
-    Security