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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions by Teachers and Students

Of course there are many things, which makes school trips demanding for leaders and supervisors. a&o knows these worries and has summarised answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • From the Teacher Perspective

  • From the Students‘ Perspective

From the Teacher Perspective:

Do I have to call to make a reservation? What if something else changes?

It’s much easier! In a school group of 10 people, you can vary the desired travel period and number of students and beds at This way you can check updated prices and bed availablitiy without requesting a new reservation each time. 
If you are unsure, at the end of your online booking, click “Changes possible for up to 14 days“. Then you will receive an offer via PDF from our colleagues in the Group Department. 

Until when can I communicate the final number of participants at the latest to a&o?

If you need to cancel your class trip or other serious circumstances arise, the following cancellation terms apply:

Groups up to 10* Persons:

- Up to 4 weeks prior to arrival
- 2 weeks prior to arrival, 50% of the agreed total price
- 8 weeks prior to arrival, 75% of the agreed total price
- From the 7th day prior to arrival, 90% of the agreed total price.

Groups up to 20* Persons:

- Up to 8 weeks prior to arrival
- 4 weeks prior to arrival, 50% of the agreed total price
- 8 days prior to arrival, 75% of the agreed total price
- From the 7th day prior to arrival, 90% of the agreed total price.

Please refer to the maximum number of persons in the booking process.

Call us with questions or concerns at +49 30 80 947 5110.

Can I get rooming lists for assigning my students?

We know that students have their own ideas on who they would and would not prefer to room with. Therefore, we pay particular attention to these points:

-    We make all attempts to place your students in consecutive rooms numbers. Depending on how full we are booked, this is not always 100% possible.
-    The rooms allocated to you are exclusively for your group; i.e. empty beds in your reserved rooms will remain free.
-    We always strive for the lowest possible number of rooms for your comfort. So your students are always together in the evening, so that you and the night guards have less to do.
-    If you want students segregated by gender, please notify us early with your desires.

Important for you: a&o will gladly divide the rooms up for you – profit from our experience. 
If you prefer to divide up the rooms for yourself, it’s best to do so at booking. Then, usually a week before arrival, we will send you an email with the room list. This allocation is subject to change and may be altered upon arrival.

What is the price per person?

Please refer to the final sum on the contract, then divide by the number of students. Voilà.

Is the Cultural or Tourism Tax already included?

As a rule, groups with educational missions are fortunate enough to not have to pay tax. However, each city handles it differently. Dresden requires each guest over 18 years of age to pay a tax. All the necessary information and forms are provided as a download here.

Are there group discounts?

Certainly! Look at your group contract under “Exclusive Advantages“, which will explain your group discounts.

How many rooms are given out for each room?

We organise lunch and dinner for groups of 10 or more. Therefore, not everyone will be eating at once. For very large groups, it’s possible you would be asked to eat in two groups. It’s best to ask at the reception, if you worry about the size of your group. In general, the a&o team strives to promote a well-functioning meal time.

Is there a place where we can leave our luggage before check-in and after check-out?

Of course. Both are possible. We have lockable luggage compartments where you can store your luggage for free.

How many key cards are given out for each room?

For single and double rooms, we issue one key card per person. In the 4 and 6 person rooms, we give 2 key cards per room. Let us know if you need more.

Do you charge additional key cards extra?

No. Also the other key cards are, of course, free of charge for you.

The school trip only covers the cost of the planned number of nights. Some students (18+ years old) want to arriver earlier or stay longer. Is that a problem?

No, that’s no problem. Simply let us know which students are involved, the best contact numbers for them, then we will take care of the rest.

The school is only responsible for the booking process. The students travel to and from the location independently. Can you take payments and give out room keys on site?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Because the school is responsible for the booking, that party bears the responsibility for the payment. The same applies to the correct room assignments on the spot, with the corresponding keys. Only then can we ensure that the group has all fully arrived.

Is there a retreat for teachers and advisors?

Yes! Our conference rooms. You can read all about it in“Exclusive Advantages“.
The conference rooms are often used for private individual conversations with students. Please inquire at the reception.

From the Students‘ Perspective:

Is there free Wi-Fi in the Hostel?

The classic of all questions. Since July 2014, Wi-Fi is free of charge in every a&o. You can log on to free a&o public Wi-Fi, for example, in the lobby and in the bar, or in your rooms. 

Can I get something to eat after dinner?

Our lobby bar provides some tasty snacks. Please ask the bartender and your cravings will be satisfied.

The teacher says we can go out in the evenings again. When do we have to be back in the hostel?

What a dream! Have fun on the go! You can return to the hostel whenever you like. The doors are open around the clock; only the outdoor areas such as terraces and patios are closed at 10 PM for the safety of our guests. 
This means, in effect, it is at the discretion of your teacher when he or she wants you to be in your rooms.

What else can we do in the area?

You can easily ask at the reception. Our staff will be happy to give you some exclusive tips.

Are there televisions in the multi-bed rooms?

In the hostel rooms, no televisions are provided.  As we often have school groups as well as backpackers and young guests, a TV in a shared room is rather bothersome. Everyone wants to see something different and some just want to sleep (We do have televisions in the family rooms, which have a combination of two single beds and bunk beds). This is just another reason we recommend our bars.

What if we lose a room key card?

That can happen. In such case, first look to make sure that it really is your room, so ask your teacher and classmates first. Because we care about your safety, and want to avoid strangers gaining access to a room where they don’t belong, once your name and room number are confirmed, everyone in the room must give up their key cards in order to issue you new ones.

Do we have to wear the coloured armbands?

Yes. The colored armbands are obligatory. You can read why this is so under “Security“.

How strict is a&o with alcohol for students on class trips?

We want you to enjoy your class trip and have a great time. And it is our opinion that you can do that without alcohol. If you want to drink alcohol, you know the way to the bar; however you are not allowed to take alcohol to your room and drink it there. We just don’t want to play “Mom“ and have to read you the house rules. This applies to students 18 and over as well.  (Please note that you will only be served alcohol according to your armband colour, pre-determined by your teacher.)

What are the prices for Table Football and Billards?

It’s easy: Give 10 Euros security deposit at the reception. Then one hour of either game costs 5 euros, and the rest is calculated by minutes. The receptionist will then settle with you when you are finished, returning any deposit you have left over.
A little example: If you play a half hour, you’ll get 7,50 Euro back from your 10 Euro deposit.