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On-Site Support

On-site Support

  • Check-in

  • Check-Out

  • Public transportation

  • Directions to the hotel

Help at Check-In

We know that a trip with lots of people can be stressful. That is why we have prepared the following important steps and advice for a faster check-in:

(1)   The group can check in at any time.

(2)   Rooms are guaranteed to be ready after 3 pm, but feel free to ask our staff if your rooms have been prepared even earlier.

(3)   Room key cards are are available immediately upon check-in and function after 3 pm automatically.

(4)   We will make every effort to prepare your room list a few days before your arrival. Therefore, it would be helpful if you would also provide us with the gender of each student and any preferences in advance at [email protected].

This saves you time filling out forms on site. That way, you can just be issued your room key cards giving your group immediate access to the room.

Help at Check-Out

So that on the day of departure everything goes quickly and smoothly, we have briefly summarized the most important steps for you:

(1)    Check-out is at 10:00 AM, on weekends at 11:00 AM.

(2)    Students should remove their own bed linens and place them in the Laundry Box (usually near the reception – please ask).

(3)    Teachers and chaperones in single or double rooms can leave their bed linens on the bed.

(4)    Students should empty their trash in the designated containers, separating their recycleables (paper and plastic, separately) and non-recycleable trash. Recepticals are usually located on the same floor.

(5)    Collect the room key cards of each room, and return them to the reception upon checkout.

(6)    If your bus or train departs later in the day, the group can leave their luggage with us in the complementary Luggage room until time to depart.

Public Transportation

Finally! For each city, an overview of travel expenses and links to public transportation companies (valid as of Dec. 2013).

City Tariff Overview Single Travel Ticket Day-Tickets Group Tickets Tourist Cards Link to Network lines
Aachen AVV (All Tariffs) City XL Ticket 1,60€ (valid for 90 Minutes - prices vary according to duration of use) 7,10€/
within the region of Aachen 13,30€
Mini Group Ticket (5 Pers.) 7,90€

Groups of 10 people from 1€ per person
Welcome Tickets (3 Day Tickets) 13,55€ AVV
Berlin BVG (Berlin Transport Company) (All Tariffs)

Tipp: Bus 100, 200 travel to all the most important sights!
Berlin AB 2,60€ (City Centre) Buy Ticket Berlin AB 6,70€ (City Centre)

Buy Ticket

Small group daily Tickets (up to 5 pers.) from 16,20€ Buy Ticket

Group Day Tickets for Students through the 8th grade (€/Pers.) from 3,20€ Buy Ticket

Berlin City Tour Card from 16,90 € Buy Ticket

Welcome Card from 18,50€ Buy Ticket

Bremen VBN 2,80€ (Tariff I) Buy Ticket 8,00€ (Tariff I)

Group Daily Ticket up to 5 pers. 18,40€

Bremen Erlebnis Card 
1 Day 9,50€,
2 Days 13,00€,
3 Days 18,50€

Dortmund DSW and VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr - Tarife) from 2,50€ (Tariff A1) Buy Ticket from 5,90€ (Tariff A1) Buy Ticket Group Ticket (up to 5 pers.) from 13 € (Tarif A1) N/A DSW
Dresden DVB (All Tariffs) 2,20 € (Tariff zone 1, max. 1 hr) 6 € (Tariff zone 1) Buy Ticket Mini Group Ticket (5 Pers.) 27€ (whole area) Buy Ticket Dresden City Card 1 day (9,90€) or 2 days (26€)

Dresden Regio Card 3 days 49,90€
View Tickets
Dusseldorf Rheinbahn - VRR (All Tariffs) 2,50€ (Level A, valid 90 min) Buy Ticket From 6,50€ (Tarif A) Buy Ticket Group Ticket (up to 5 pers.) fromb 13 € (Level A) N/A VRR
Frankfurt RMV (All Tariffs) 2,60 € Buy Ticket 6,40 € Buy Ticket Group Ticket (up to 5 pers.) 9,50€ Buy Ticket Frankfurt Card for 1 or 2 days from 9,20€ / for Group from 19€ View Tickets RMV
Graz Verbundlinie (All Tariffs) 10-Zone Ticket 1,92€ (valid for 1 hr) Buy Ticket 24 hr Ticket 4,70€ Buy Ticket 6 or more people get 20% off the (24hrs) ticket    Buy Ticket Graz-3-Day-Ticket for 11,30€ Buy Ticket Graz Network
Hamburg HVV (All Tariffs) 2,95€ (Greater Hamburg Area) Buy Ticket 7,10€ (Greater Hamburg Area or 1-2 Rings) Buy Ticket

9 AM Group Ticket (up to 5 pers.)
and Greater Hamburg Area for 10,40€
View Tickets

School Group Tickets from 11 Persons under 21 years of age, Greater Hamburg 2€

Hamburg Card Single Ticket 1/3/5 Days from 8,80€ to 37,50€

Hamburg Card Group Ticket 1/3/5 Days from 14,90€ to 63,90€
View Tickets
Kopenhagen DOT

Single Tickets are divided into zones.
Zone 2: 24 DKK, Zone 3: 36 DKK, Zone 4: 48 DKK Buy Ticket

Daily Ticket: 130 DKK p.P. Not offered.

City Pass 24h: 80 DKK, 48h: 150 DKK, 72h: 200 DKK 

Köln KVB (All Tariffs) City Ticket 2,30€ Buy Ticket City Ticket 6,30€ Buy Ticket Group City Ticket 8,90€ Buy Ticket Köln Card 24 hrs 9€, 48 hrs 18€

Köln Card for Groups 24 hrs 19€, 48 hrs 38€ View Tickets
Leipzig LVB (All Tariffs) Zone 110 for 2,40€ From 6€ for Zone 110 Daily Ticket for 5 poeple for 17,60€ Leipzig Card 24 hrs for 9,90€ / for 3 days 19,90€

Group Card for 2 days 37,90€ View Tickets
Munich MVV (All Tariffs) 1 Zone for 2,60€ Buy Ticket Daily Ticket 5,80€ (Inner Area) and 3 days for 14,30€ (Inner Area) Buy Ticket Partner-Daily Ticket for up to 5 people – 1 Day 10,60€ and 3 Days forr 24,60€ Buy Ticket City Tour Card 1 Day – 9,90€, 3 Days 20,90€ Buy Ticket MVV
Nuremberg VGN (All Tariffs) 2,50€ (Price Level A for Nuremberg) Daily Tickets from 4,30€ Daily Tickets for 1-6 people (max. 2 from 18 J.) for 7,60€ Nürnberg Card + Fürth for 2 Days 23€ Buy Ticket VGN
Prague DPP (All Tariffs)

General Information for traveling with public transport
Ground Travel Ticket 90 min for 32Kč (ca. 1,40€), 30 Min for 24Kč

>> Applies to Zone P (Subway, Street Cars, City Buses, Cable Cars)
Daily Tickets for 110 Kč

3-Day Tickets (72 Hours) for 310 Kč
Not offered. Prague City Card

2 Days: 32€
3 Days: 36€
4 Days: 45€

Buy Tickets

as App for Android
Salzburg OBUS (All Tariffs) Single tickets for the core zone:
1,80€ Pre-Sale (to be handed in a block of 5 tickets) 
2,60 bought in OBUS
24 Hours Card: 
3,70€ Pre-Sale
5,70€ bought in OBUS
4,00€ Vending machine
JugendCard for 24hrs (YouthCard) equals a reduced 24hrs ticket:
2,50€ Pre-Sale
3,00€ Vending machine

(also Single Tickets as a JugendCard possible at a reduced rate)
Salzburg Card (Prices vary according to main and off-season)

24hrs: 24€
48hrs: 32€
72hrs: 37€
Buy Tickets
OBUS Network
Stuttgart VVS (All Tariffs) from 2,30€ (1 zone) Daily Tickets from 6,60€ from 11,50€ (up to 5 people) StuttCard from 15,-€ Buy Tickets VVS Network
Venice ACTV

Airport Transfer 8€

one direction 7,50€ (75 minutes)

Buy Ticket

Daily Tickets:

24h: 20,00€
48h: 30,00€
72h: 40,00€
Not offered.

VeniceCard: orange 24,90€, yellow 29,90€, blue 39,90€


Vienna Wiener Linien (All Tariffs)

Tip: Bus 1A, 2A travel to all the most important sights!
Single travel ticket for 2,20€

(Valid for driving in one direction in Zone VOR)
Daily Ticket

24h 7,10€
48h 12,40€
72h 15,40€
Not offered. Vienna Card
3 Days: 19,90€

Buy Ticket
Wiener Linien
Weimar SW Weimar (All Tariffs) Single Tickets, 60min for 1,90€ Daily Tickets for 4,50€ Group Daily Tickets for max. 5 pers. 9,20€ Weimar Card
2 Days: 14,50€ Buy Ticket

Addresses in the City

A&O Hotels and Hostels are all conveniently located, so that you can lead you class comfortably from the main train station to most locations, with some nearby an S-or U-Bahn station, easily and quickly accessible by foot. We have compiled the following maps with the fastest route for pedestrians:


a&o Aachen Hauptbahnhof

Hackländerstr. 5, 52064 Aachen

close to main station
90 meters by foot to our a&o
(short cut via Hackländerstr. possible)

view map

a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost

Hogehilweg 22, NL-1101 CD Amsterdam

close to Metro Bullewijk 
140 meters by foot to our a&o
(short cut: see map)

view map

a&o Berlin Mitte

Köpenicker Str. 127-129, 10179 Berlin

close to S Ostbahnhof or
U Heinrich-Heine-Straße

each 10 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Berlin Friedrichshain

Boxhagener Str. 73, 10245 Berlin

close to S Ostkreuz
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Berlin HBF


Lehrter Straße 12, 10557 Berlin

close to main station
10 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Berlin Kolumbus


Genslerstraße 18, 13055 Berlin

close to tram Genslerstraße
8min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Dortmund HBF

Königswall 2, 44137 Dortmund

close to main station
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Dresden HBF


Strehlener Str. 10, 01069 Dresden

close to main station
8 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Düsseldorf HBF

Corneliusstr. 9, 40215 Düsseldorf

close to main station
10 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Frankfurt Galluswarte


Mainzer Landstraße 226-230, 60327 Frankfurt a.M.

at S Galluswarte
1 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Graz HBF

Eggenberger Straße 7, 8020 Graz

close to main station
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Hamburg HBF


Amsinckstr. 2-10, 20097 Hamburg

near  main station
10 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Hamburg Reeperbahn

Reeperbahn 154, 20359 Hamburg

at S1/S3 Reeperbahn
1 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Hamburg City


Spaldingstraße 160, 20097 Hamburg

near main station / S+U Berliner Tor
15 min or 7 min by foot to a&o

view map

a&o Hamburg Hammer Kirche

Hammer Landstr. 170, 20537 Hamburg

clsoe to U2 Hammer Kirche
300 m by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Köln Neumarkt

Mauritiuswall 64/66, 50676 Köln

close to U1/7 Rudolfplatz
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Köln Dom


Komödienstraße 19-21, 50667 Köln

close to main station
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Köln HBF


Ursulaplatz 10-12, 50668 Köln

close to main station
7 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Leipzig HBF

Brandenburger Str. 2, 04103 Leipzig

close to main station
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o München HBF


Bayerstr. 75, 80335 München

close to main station
5 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o München Hackerbrücke

Arnulfstr. 102, 80636 München

close to S Hackerbrücke
10 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o München Laim

Landsberger Straße 338, 80687 München

close to S Laim
7 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Nürnberg HBF


Bahnhofstraße 13-15, 90402 Nürnberg

close to main station
3 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Prag Metro Strizkov

Decínská 1, 180 00 Prag

close to U Strizkov (Line c)
7min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Prag Rhea

V Uzlabine 3068/19, 10851 Prag

close tobus station Plaňanská (line 133)
4min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Salzburg HBF

Fanny-von-Lehnert-Straße 4, 5020 Salzburg

close to main station
5min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Stuttgart City

Rosensteinstraße 14/16, 70191 Stuttgart

close to station U12 Milchhof
1min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Wien Stadthalle


Lerchenfelder Gürtel 9-11, 1160 Wien

close to Westbahnhof
10 min by foot to our a&o

view map

a&o Wien HBF

Sonnwendgasse 11, 1100 Wien

close to main station
3 min by foot to a&o (Google's map is out-dated; please use street on-site)

view map

a&o Weimar

Buttelstedter Straße 27c, 99427 Weimar

close to main station / or: bus route 7 & get off at Grossestraße 
15 min by foot to our a&o / or: bus stops right in front of our a&o

view map