Jana Pieper receives the A&O Innovation Award 2016

The budget hotel chain A&O recognises the training services offered by the specialist instructor for personnel development. Her unconventional knowledge transfer of leadership competence and progressive methodology were the deciding factors in her receiving this award.

"We have found an exceptionally skilled trainer for our youth travel segment in the form of Jana Pieper! Her humorous methods and structured presentation techniques quickly convinced our regional and hotel managers", emphasises Phillip Winter, Chief Marketing Officer of A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS.

A&O will also be holding training and instructive sessions focusing on strategy during 2017 thanks to the positive feedback from employees and guests. Year-round events are now being held on the following topics: management style, employee motivation, job interview skills, handling reviews and complaints, as well as time management and social media.

"'No more PowerPoint' is my motto. This teaching style is a text-intensive nightmare, particularly for hands-on management employees at A&O. I am therefore all the more delighted that my practice-oriented communication has been so well received. I would like to thank A&O for placing trust in my work and look forward to even more personnel training sessions in 2017", says Jana Pieper, Chairwoman of the Academy of Youth Travel and external training specialist for the A&O Group.

This is the 9th year now that A&O has been giving out the award, thereby recognising partners who have been involved in innovative product or project developments together with A&O each year. Last year, the award went to the IUBH, which developed the dual "Tourism Economy" study course together with A&O. Well-known award winners include Welcome Berlin Tours and the DZT.