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A&O HOSTELS and HOTELS - now with easy booking for when you're on the go. Our new iPhone app lets you check current availability and prices at all A&O properties, wherever you are. Book stays for yourself, family or friends at any A&O property around the clock. Payment takes place on site during check-in. Hotel booking's never been easier.

The app does more than just help you book, once you reach our property you'll benefit from its other useful functions. The app will help you find all kinds of places of interest in your immediate surroundings. Each listing is described in detail and the relevant contact information is given. Alternatively, the app can show you the route to your intended destination on the map to make sure you get there safely. This way you'll never miss a sight or trendy boutique in your area. Find out more about A&O properties and take a look at pictures and videos of our rooms, bars and lobbies.
The app is completely free of charge and bookings using it do not incur any additional fees.

The A&O app functions at a glance:

  •     Check availability and book directly
  •     Area search for A&O properties as well as places of interest
  •     Travel guide
  •     Look up pictures, information and videos on all A&O properties at your convenience

With the A&O-iPhone application you can easily book in our hotels! Get the Android App for free!


With the A&O-iPhone application you can easily book in our hotels! Get the iPhone App for free!


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